Website Development is another of CT Technology's services.  Having us perform your website development will include everything from finding the right domain, to hosting, building your website specifically for your business goals, Content Management, and Website Traffic reporting.  Our goal, as your Website Development team, is to remove the stress of managing and building a website from your business, taking all aspects into consideration for you and ensuring you have a highly efficient and well developed website in the end.

To demonstrate the importance of your business having a website, imagine for a moment...  

Let's say you are planning a vacation to Miami, Florida and want to see what are some activities you can do while you are there.  First thing most people today would do is go to and type in: Things to do in Miami Florida, right?  Right!  If your business doesn't have a website up and running, you are missing out on even showing up as even a basic search result.  Having an up to date and operational website is key to any business succeeding in the digital age we live in today.  Basic company information such as hours of operation and a listing of what products or services your company offers should be readily available to anyone with a laptop or smart phone.

One business owner even stated the following:

"Running a business without a website or marketing is like seeing a girl you really want to kiss, and never telling her you want to kiss her."  In other words, the girl in this scenario is the customer, you are the shy or quiet other person.  Relating this to your business, you can be selling the most exclusive and top notch products and services in the world, but it won't matter unless customers know you exist or that your products and services are available to them.

Or How about... How are you supposed to sell your product, if no one knows your product is there to sell?

Would you receive new inventory in a store and keep it in a warehouse out of sight?  No!, You have to let your potential customers know what you offer and how they can obtain it!

After they know where you are and what you offer, the rest is just completing the sale!

So step one should be creating your online presence (website and or social media outlets) then additional marketing as per your business needs.

This is why CT Technology offers website development.  We now know that the most crucial and basic outlet for your business, that leads to revenue, is marketing.  We are in the age of digital life.  Your company's solution to sales is digital marketing!  Let the staff of CT Technology show you how these statements are true for your business and increase your revenue.  Call our office or email us for more detailed assistance or just fill out our online questionnaire to get started earning revenue for your business today!

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