ActiveDefense Monitoring System

We offer a proactive threat-detection and intrusion prevention system, reducing the exposure of your company's network and lowering the risk of malicious attempts to gain access from outside sources.


File Security & Permissions

CT Tech will ensure only specific employees will be granted access to management folders or files, while still allowing upper management the overall access they will need, set up specific to your company's needs.

Antivirus & Endpoint Security

CT Tech also offers monitoring software that includes integrations with antiviruses such as Avira, WebRoot, Malwarebytes and more, with the capability of anticipating issues that could arise in the future.

Managerial Documentation

After initial setup of your company's networking infrastructure, CT may provide you with an extensive list of Devices on the system, with all applicable data and report any potential threats to your system after a monitoring period varying on each business size and needs.